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A: Besides a few small differences (headlight clusters, headlight switch, driver side mirror, etc.), a Bora in North America is essentially the same as a Jetta. If they have the Bora badging, they either switched the letters themselves because they like it, or perhaps they shipped the car from overseas.

Depending on what part of the world, VW sells different models. For example, in China VW sells a Jetta, Bora, and Sagitar, all three of which are essentially the Jetta in North America. The current Jetta in China looks like the older Jetta in North America from 3 generations ago (pre-1992), the current Bora in China looks like the Jetta in North America from 1 generation ago (1999.5-2005), and the current Sagitar in China looks like the current Jetta in North America.

Q: Whats the difference between the jetta and the jetta city?
a few days ago i saw the jetta but beside the jetta symbol it said city so i was just wondering about this

A: about 1500 bucks

Q: What makes the 1998 jetta gt different from other models?
I owned a 1997 VW Jetta VR6, but it died on me, so I’m looking for a more reliable 4 cylinder engine Jetta. I’ve known there are all sorts of different editions for the 98, such as the GT, the K2, and so on. I found a GT with all the dealer maintenance records. What is so special about the GT, besides the emblem on the back?

A: During this period, VW tried several marketing models to improve sales; the GT was one of several models (as you note the K2, came with skis and there was the Trek with at least one mountain bike etc).
The GT was sloted between the base model GL and the upscale GLS; it had different interior trim (I seem to remember “sporter seats”, a rear spoiler, GT badge on the rear deck lid, alloy wheels, keyless entry,) and other sorts of stuff; mostly cosmetic in nature.
Cruise control, (not available on base GL): ABS, side air bags, sunroof, automatic transmission were alll optional, as they were on the base GL. If you wanted these options as standard, you moved up to the GLS model, which had all of these standard (except for the ABS, automatic, & sunroof, which was still optional) plus had the option of heated seats and a Bose sound system (not available on lesser models). There might have also been additional colour choices available, I don’t recall though.

Hope this helps, a car nut.

Q: VW Jetta is slow to accelerate and is running rough, what could the problem be?
I have a 96 VW Jetta. Lately it’s been running rough when I accelerate from a stop. It will sometimes accelerate slower than normal, and jerk a bit as I get up to speed. At other times it’s fine/normal. I can’t predict when it will do this. I worried it’s a symptom that will lead to a bigger problem. Any ideas on what this could be and how I could fix it?

A: It could possibly be the fuel pump. That would be one of the worst cases though

I would
a) replace spark plugs (way cheap)
b) run some lucas upper cylinder lubricant/fuel injector cleaner through your gas tank ( a lot of it. don’t get the cheaper brands of fuel injector cleaner ONLY lucas trust me)
c) check all your spark plug wires and connections
d) oil change
e) air filter change

if none of that works, check distributor and rotor and after that it would probably be the fuel pump. Buy one yourself, and then take it to an honest mechanic Easy install dont let them rob you.

Q: How to adjust the side mirrors in Jetta 2001?
I know it’s a little stupid question, I have bought a 2001 Jetta and the seller didn’t have the manual. Now, I don’t know how to adjust the side mirrors.

Actually, it has a switch on the left side of the driver with 3 different options (Left, Right, and a picture of windshield) I switch it to the left and right but nothing happens!

Thanks for your help.

A: On the drivers side door, there should be a round dial closest to the dash. It should have 3 settings,

1. turn left for left mirror
2. center is for off
3. is for right mirror

Choose the mirror you want to adjust, then push the “knob” in the direction you want the mirror to go. (up, down, left, right)

after you finish adjusting, turn the “knob” back to the center position so you dont accidentally adjust mirrors afterwards.

Q: What is the difference between a regular VW Jetta and a Wolfsburg edition?
I have a 1999 Volkswagon Jetta Wolfsburg. I want to know what is different about a Wolfsburg edition. I know that some newer Wolfsburg models have turbos, but I want to know the difference for a 99′ wolfsburg.

A: The 99 Wolfsburg Jettas were an option to get a nicer interior and more creature comforts than the regular Jetta GL and Jetta GLS.

The Wolfsburg Jetta in 99 really has everything else the same but the interior fabric/pattern. They also usually came with power windows, mirrors, and some even came with heated seats. The seats in the Wolfsburg edition have a higher bolster than the other Jettas as well.

The 99 jettas were also the last of the Mk3 body Jettas.

Ps. They didn’t come with the fancy BBS wheels mentioned earlier. Those BBS Wheels didn’t come till 2001 on the Wolfsburg Jetta 1.8t. The 99 Jetta Wolfsburg came with a Factory 5-spoke wheel.

Q: What is the best way to upgrade a mk4 Jetta vr6?
I have a 2000 mk4 jetta vr6 and a steady income towards it. How should I go about upgrading the car? Performace and body wise.

A: Here’s my basic list on upgrades that are actually worth your time and money…

-Aftermarket rear sway bar. Autotech, Neuspeed, and Bildon all have nice ones that will dramatically improve the handling of your otherwise stock VW.
-Performance struts/shock. Bilsteins or Konis are nice options.
-Sticky tires. I always recommend having an performance set for the Summer and warmer months, and either snow or all season tires for the winter, depending on where you live. The right tires for the right conditions is one of the most important changes you can make to your car. It’s the only modification that can improve handling, acceleration, and braking at the same time, besides drastic weight reduction.
-Brake pads and fluid. The stock pads and fluid are very easy to overheat, creating scary “fade” situations when you need them to work. A set of performance Hawk or PBR pads, a performance DOT4 fluid with a higher boiling point, and the stock rotors will create a strong and confident braking system.

As far as appearance goes, all you really need is a nice set of wheels, and the car to be lowered a lot on coil overs. Lower isn’t good for handling on MK4s, so you need to pick your priority there.

Q: What issues have you experienced in your 1998 volkswagen jetta glx vr6?
I just purchased a used jetta and am concerned with a knock, and wanted to see how others experiences has been.

A: What kind of a knock is it? Just on start up, or constant? These do have a minimal amount of lifter tick, if they have been sitting for a bit. Which part of the engine bay are you hearing it from? Does it fluctuate with an increase / or decrease in RPM? How many miles are on it? Have the timing chain guides been replaced? I’ll see if I can find some audio of the different sounds these things can make. I know I have audio of a spun rod bearing, it happened on mine.
Spun rod bearing-
This one is some top end noise, I’m not exactly sure what the cause is. (waiting to find out)┬Ąt=DSCN1114.flv

Here is a good forum to register for; it has helped me tremendously.

Q: How to change the transmission fluid in a 2000 jetta gls?

I have a 2000 VW jetta gls. This vehicle has an automatic transmission. Currently, it has 103,000 miles. I would like to change the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to prevent future damge to the transmission. For this reason, I have a few questions. First, what kind of ATF do I need? Second, what specialized tools are required? Third, can anyone provide me with a good protocol to accomplish this task? Thank you

A: The late model VW automatic transmissions have a special proceedure to add fluid to the transmission to refill it once it has been drained. This is the reason that the VW has a “lifetime” automatic transmission fluid.

You cannot just drain and refill the transmission; the transmissions use a Volkswagen only supplied fluid for starters; the proceedure requires usage of the VAG diagnostic scanner, running the engine until a certain temp is reached then having the transmission suck the fluid in.

The proceedure takes about an hour or so to do, depending on the air temperature and the temp of the engine. You have to do the proceedure with the tool as defined by the factory or you can blow the seals in the transmission. Its important that only someone who is familiar with the proceedure do it.

I think its a good idea to change the fluid given the miles that you have on the vehicle; take it to a dealership or a VW specialist who is likely to have the correct diagnostic tool/software to complete the task. The fluid isn’t cheap either, so don’t surprised at the cost; I think the fluid alone costs more than 80.00 or more now (i’ve been away from the VW dealership since December of 2005).

Hope this helps, a car nut.

Q: What is the stock bolt patter for a 2000 jetta?
I have a 2000 jetta and would like to buy some new rims for it. I do not have alot of money, so I am buying them used. I found a couple of different sets on craigs list, but I do not know what bolt patters will fit, and the sellers do not know either. Please help.

A: Bear a couple of things in mind when you are replacing rims. One is that it is not just the bolt pattern that matters, but the wheel inset. If the rim is centered differently, too far out it may rub the fenders or too far in it may rub the suspension. Also, changing the inset can cause wheel bearing failures as it changes the leverage on either the inner or outer bearing.

Still another consideration is whether or not the used rims are in round. If they are warped in any way they can vibrate and be hard to balance.

Still another is that if these are after-market rims and you buy four and one later gets damaged by a pothole or the like, are replacements available? You won’t be able to go to the dealer for them, and it would be a shame to have one go bad and have to replace the other three because you can’t get a match.

Q: What is the best website to find 1985 Volkswagen Jetta parts?
I bought a 1985 jetta and I Want to Make it look cool. I looked around on many site I can not find much options for grilles and things. What Site is the best for me?

A: An awesome site for body accessories. And if you need parts to fix your car, go to they are really cheap and have oem parts and a lot of stuff is free shipping.

Q: What tools do I need to remove an 08 VW Jetta factory radio and where can I get them if it is a specialty?
I am trying to remove my Factory Radio in my 2008 VW Jetta. It is a single disc player. Also, if possible can I keep the Aux port in the armrest operational.

A: I would say go to a stereo shop, and see if they will help you out. You can also try going to ebay and doing a search for the kit. If its just a plain Aux jack that connects to the back of the stock stereo, you should not have a problem keeping the Aux port. I have an 04, but I had a pro audio dealer take care of putting a complete system in.

I use and LOVE, If you haven’t used the site, its a VW/Audi bible. There should be step by step instructions for any vdub need.

Q: How come my 97 Jetta had bass in it and didnt have a sub in it?
I have 03 lincoln ls and it has no bass at all in it.My old 97 Jetta had alot of bass in it and didnt have a sub in it.How is that?

A: Better quality speakers and head unit, simple as that.
Possibly the Jetta had superior sound-proofing too.

Q: How much is a 2004 Jetta with 65K miles or a 2003 Honda Civic with 100K miles worth?
I have both and am wondering what I should sell them for, or ask for. Both are in great condition, been taken care of very nicely. Both look like new and the Honda is the LX edition and the jetta is the vls. Let me know, just more or less. Thanks!

A: Have you posted it up on It is a free, and the community gives there ideas on value for stuff. Post a picture, it helps.

Q: Why does the Malfunction Indication Light on my ‘99 VW Jetta continue to stay on despite getting it worked on?
We recently bought this ‘99 VW Jetta from a private owner and the light never went on during test driving but then it continues to go on. We got it worked on and it stopped but then next time we drove it, it started again.
Any clue as to what this may be?

A: First off unhooking the battery does not work on 1996 and newer cars.
Secondly take it to a national auto parts store and let them scan it and reset the codes. If it comes back on then the code they read is your problem.

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