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A: drive 4 is overdrive- this is for when you are on the high way it saves gas. You will normally always drive in d4

Q: honda accord?
how much is a honda accord ex 1998 v6 coupe with 174,000 on it worth, say if it’s in good condition and well maintain
Canadian prices
and i’m well aware of checking autotraders, blackbook, and kbb
just asking for personal opinions

A: got it from kelly blue book -
Condition Value




Q: Honda ACCORD?
i have a 1997 honda accord ex, aut trans, i took it to the mechanic and got it checked..he gave me a paper which had the things that needed to get fix. it said my front left motor mount is broken and needed a new one….am i was lookin them up online.and i got..engine motor mount,,and transmission mount ?which one is the right one? and how much is it… advance

A: Motor mount is a hard rubber block to absorb the vibration and movement from motor. Should be around $150 to $200 to replace it. Fairly easy job. U must get under car and jack up motor a couple of inches them replace mount. usually 3 to 4 bolts hold it in place.

Q: How does the 06 Honda Accord V6 compare to the 2010 coupe?
I recently came into a decent sum of money, and I’ve been meaning to trade in my 06 Honda Accord V6 for the new 2010 V6 Honda Accord Coupe. I was wondering how the quality of the vehicle compares to my current ride. They always say “never assume the new model of the same car you’re driving is as good as what you have.” Thought I’d ask. Anyone know?

A: It’s a Honda, there is no quality.

It would seem if you came in a decent sum of money you would buy a decent vehicle.

Q: How is the 1997 Honda Accord Special Edition 4D different from the other accords?
I saw a ad for a 1997 Honda Accord Special Edition 4D. I was wondering what’s special about this car, how is it different from the regular 1997 accord.

A: All the SE is, is a lx with some ex options. and maybe some different cosmetics

Q: What is the difference between the Honda Accord and the Accord Euro?
I saw the new Accord is larger than the current (replace in June) Accord Euro in the dimension data but the prices of the Accord starts lower.
Is it the same car with different body panel or where do Honda try to place the two models in the market? I am a non-Australian planning to buy a car.

A: The Euro Accord is the North American Acura TSX (which was said above). The basically have the same chassis, but the engine, body panels, and level of luxury are different. The 2008 Accord (N. American) is totally redesigned and the 2009 Acura TSX/ Euro Accord will again have the same basic platform as the N. American Accord. Here’s the pics of the Euro Accord/ Acura TSX . I think the reason why the 2008 Accord starts lower than the Euro Accord is because it’s basically an Acura, and that is Honda’s high-end car company. Acuras come standard with things that are optional on Hondas, so they can charge more for the car. I hope this helps you, good luck with your car search.

Q: Would the honda accord or honda civic be a better used car buy?
I’ve heard honda accords and civics are two great reliable used cars to buy. You can find fairly new models for cheap. I’ve heard the accord is better then the civic in todays models but what about a 2002 or somewhere around there. Also I only have about 5000 to spend, is an accord still in that price range.

A: Alright a Accord is a few thousands more than a civic but with 5,000 the best thing to do is to look for a Honda Civic Ex not lx EX go on autotrader or go on msn and click on autos then select the year you like and can afford which you may buy a 2000-2002 Civic with 5000 cash and compare it to the accord or other cars that competes with it also if you compare it on msn sometimes they give you the wrong model trim remember ex is better because you have a faster car and a sunroof and more.

Hope it works out

Q: What causes a 1994 honda accord to overheat at a light?
WE have a 1994 Honda Accord Ex that runs great, except that it overheats at a light or when just sitting. Driving is no problem, but sitting or idling – it overheats. AC is very cold but no heat comes out when turned on. We have noticed that sometimes the fans near the radiator cut off and sometimes they run. Is this an expensive problem or cheap? Thanks!

A: new radiator , or new fan mtr sensor ?

Q: How does the 2008 honda accord ex-l look in black?
I’m planning to buy a 2008 honda accord and I was just wondering how it looked in black. I haven’t seen honda show it off so I was a bit concerned that It might not look to good. Honda usually shows off their metallic gray and midnight blue.

A: The Accord EX-L looks very nice in black. I saw one a coupe black EX-L the other day and just last week i saw a black EX-L sedan at the Honda dealer while getting my Prelude serviced.


The reason you don’t see them being show off though is because black has become a played out color for Honda, more people are buying the gray/blue/white cars nowadays than black.

Q: How do you remove 1990 honda accord door panel?
I have a 1990 Honda Accord EX and Im putting in new Kicker ssmb65’s. I attempted to take the door panels off one time, but I guess I couldnt find all of the screws/clips to take off.

A: Unsnap panel behind mirror from the top and remove.

Open plastic screw cap inside door handle area using small thin screwdriver and remove screw. The cap swings from the narrow hinged side. It is easy to break. Slide handle assembly forward to release hooks. Lift out from panel slightly and release clip on linkage rod with small screwdriver. Unplug switch from assembly.

Remove plug from inside armrest cup and remove screw.

Look for plug covering screw below armrest and toward outer edge of door. Remove.

Grab lower edge of panel near speaker grill and pull outward. Continue working toward outer edge, pulling lower edge of panel.

When bottom is free, work up both sides unsnapping clips.

When all clips are loose, lift up on the panel to remove from top track.

You will need to unplug the window switches and the door light.

Q: Anyone know how to fix a 1996 Honda Accord spedometer that only works once in a while?
Our 1996 Honda Accord spedometer works only sometimes, usually at freeway speeds only. Someone replaced one part for me (can’t remember which part, but it was supposed to be the major one that all Honda’s have trouble with) but that didn’t make a difference. I’ve heard there are two major parts, and now I probably need the other one? I also hear this “other” part is expensive. Anyone here have a similar problem, or a mechanic that can explain it? Thanks everyone!

A: I had the same issue in my girlfriends 97 Accord Ex. I replaced the speedometer cable and all was well. After replaceing the cable I tore the old one apart and it was heavily corroded causing it to catch. The other part would be the vehicle speed sensor in the top of the transmission on the passenger side. On the automatics,some people remove the senser to top off the fluid,If it is not seated correctly or damaged this can cause a bad reading. Both of these parts should be available new on eBay for cheap.

Q: How much will a honda accord bumper and trunk replacement cost?
I rear ended a honda accord at 5 mph. My massive yukon ate it for breakfast. Theres not a scratch on my trunk but the honda’s rear bumper and trunk will need to be replaced. Anyone know how much its going to run me?

A: A rear deck will run better than 500 for parts and the bumper will run at least 200. If it’s a dealership service, the repair is at least 80 an hour for labor, but probably in the 100 an hour range. I estimate 6 hours, so you are on the hook for at least $1500.

This sounds like something to turn into your insurance after you’ve asked about accident forgiveness programs.

Q: How do I make my 1990 Honda Accord lx 4 dr go faster and about how much would it cost?
I just bought a 1990 Honda accord lx 4 dr about 6 month ago, and
I have been recently thinking of tuning it so I can race my friends.
I don’t fell like spending more than two thousand on it, and I don’t want go to a junk yard.

A: Get a manifold off ebay for a t3/t4 turbo for your car. Also get a t3/t4 turbo with an internal wastegate set to 7psi. Buy a cool sounding blow off valve like the turbo xs rfl (sounds like a whip) or a greddy type s. Get your local performance shop to install the kit (that will include 3″ exaust, and a K&N intake system.). You could spend that much easily on just an exaust, intake, headers, maybe some underdrive pulleys, and a nitrous kit. The turbo kit will give you more power than that at all times for much less. Also you dont have to do any other upgrades at 7 psi. Then if you ever want to add more power you can do other upgrades (motor and fuel, larger valves, etc.) and simply turn up the boost untill your making 400 horse at the front wheels. Without those upgrades you will still have a kick ass, fast, and sweet sounding honda. Go turbo and you will never go back!

Q: how do i start a 91 honda accord without key?
Okay, I bought a wrecked 91 honda accord so I could get the motor out of it. It didn’t have a key and the title is lost. I want to start the thing so I know everything works before I go through with the motor swap. I don’t want to wait through the title application process. Can I just break the ignition switch and start it? And exactly how would I go about that?
Thanks in advance for all your help.

A: You would be shocked at the replacement cost of the entire ignition switch assembly – you don’t want to break that. If you remove the lock cylinder from the passenger door a locksmith can use it to make a key – I almost had to do that a decade ago and the locksmith was asking $35 to make the key.

However, it sounds like you don’t want to do more than start the engine. You can do that by removing the ignition switch from the cylinder. See the first source for a pictorial that should be close enough to what you have (it’s a 1990 Accord). Once you get the switch loose you can operate it with a screwdriver to start the engine.

Q: What other car windshields are compatible with a 1994 honda accord wagon lx?
We want to replace a windshield on a 1994 honda accord wagon lx and we want to get a used one from pull a part, but there are no accords there like the wagon. So are there other cars with a same windshield like the accord wagon?

A: There should be!

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